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Shopping Guide for Built-in Dishwashers
  • If you have a crowded family, you should be careful about your dishwasher's capacity and the number of programmes. Choosing a high-capacity and multiple-programme dishwasher will be much more economic for you.

  • If energy rating and water consumption is important to you, you may check models with a 6-litre water consumption level and A-30% energy consumption. Whereas hand washing for a family of four requires 100 liters of water consumption, the same amount of dishes may be cleaned in such a dishwasher by consuming 10 times less water.

  • If hygiene and economy is important to you, washing and drying performance should be A-class or above.

  • To maintain a silent and peaceful environment in your home, you may prefer models with lower noise levels.

  • If you are seeking ease of use in your dishwasher, adjustable baskets and folding racks for various needs are quite advantageous in this respect.

  • For perfect cleaning and proper washing, your dishwasher should certainly have salt and rinse aid indicators.

  • If you are using tablet detergent, dishwashers with Tablet Detergent function support washing and drying performance.

  • To ensure safety against overflow, you should prefer machines with the Overflow Safety System. This type of dishwashers automatically stops water intake in case of leakage and eliminates the risk of overflow.

  • If you want to program when to start washing and follow washing stages, you may choose electronic models with digital indicators.

  • To remove dried and difficult stains easily, you may prefer models with steam washing.

  • For an economic wash when the dishwasher is not fully loaded, you may choose a machine with the Mini Wash function.

  • If you want the necessary program to be selected and started automatically, dishwashers with the Single Key function will be more suitable for you.

  • To suit your other white goods, you may prefer different colour options such as white, gray and inox.