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BEKO, the host of basketball in Turkey and Europe!

BEKO, which is a brand that has supported sporting activities and sportspersons as a principle since the day of its establishment, believes that sport is an element adding value and excitement to life. Starting with their support of basketball with the Turkey Basketball League in 2006, BEKO is now the biggest contributor to basketball in Europe. BEKO harmonizes dynamic, entertaining and young brand values with the nature of basketball and takes the pride in being the sponsor in the Turkey League and many major leagues of Europe as well as being the main sponsor of the FIBA EuroBasket Championship and FIBA World Championship.

With BEKO you always have the home advantage.

BEKO grouped together all of its sport sponsorships under the concept "Home Advantage" in line with its new sponsorship strategy in 2013. This "home advantage" concept has been created based on the fact that BEKO provides advantages with technologies at home and with its sponsorships on the basketball field for all players and sports fans.


With the star players and the most challenging games, the Beko Basketball League is known as one of the 5 most important leagues in Europe. Having started in 2006/2007 season, the Beko Basketball League will have completed 7 years following the 2012/2013 season. The Beko Basketball League will continue until 2014 thanks to the new agreement signed at the beginning of this season.


Along with the excitement of Beko Basketball League that goes on throughout the season, the stars of Beko Basketball League come together with the Beko All Star organized in a different city each year by Beko which aims to introduce enthusiasm of basketball to the entire Turkey.


The first sponsorship within the scope of carrying basketball investments to the international platform was actualized in 2009 by becoming the title sponsor of Beko Basketball Bundesliga of Germany, one of the most important basketball leagues in the world.

2009 FIBA Asian Basketball Championship

Beko undertook the main sponsorship of the FIBA Asian Basketball Championship held in China in 2009.

Eurobasket 2009

Beko became the main sponsor of the FIBA European Basketball Championship held in Poland in 2009.

2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship

As the "Presenting Sponsor", Beko proudly presented the entire excitement of 2010 FIBA Basketball World Championship to the world. One of the greatest sports organizations held in Turkey, the championship was played in 4 different cities of Turkey and our national team won the second place.

Beko Russian Basketball League

One of the most significant basketball countries in the world, that is, Russia"s most important basketball organization restructured as of 2010/2011 is named Beko Basketball League from now on.

EuroBasket Lithuania 2011

The EuroBasket Championship was organized in 6 cities in Lithuania in 2011 with BEKO as the main sponsors.

EuroBasket Slovenia 2013

EuroBasket Slovenia 2013, the most important basketball event of 2013, was organized in 4 cities of Slovenia with BEKO as the main sponsors.

EuroBasket Spain 2014

Spain will host 2014 FIBA World Basketball Championship. And the main sponsor will again be "BEKO, the host of basketball".

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