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Washing Machine Buying Guide MY

When Buying Washing Machine...

  • Washing machines are generally manufactured with dimensions of 84x60x54 (height, width, depth). Models in 45cm, 50cm and 59cm also exist for various areas and use. You may check out the products in size that fits to your area.

  • Washing machines with double water inlet; stand out as an appealing alternative for the consumers using alternative energy (solar energy) as well as the houses using combi boilers or central heating. Thus, washing machines is able to take hot water directly from the tap rather than heating it.

  • If you usually do small amounts of laundry, you may check out low capacity products.

  • If you have a crowded family, you may check out the models up to 9kg capacity.

  • If you want to follow all the steps of wash program easily; you may choose the models with LCD screen displaying program time and steps till the end.

  • If you pay extra care for hygiene; the models with Hygiene Program are just for you.

  • If you want to wash full load and lightly soiled laundry in a short time, you may check out the models with Mini Program. This program washes lightly or normally soiled laundry in 0-90 degrees within 34 - 92 minutes.

  • If you are looking for fast solutions; the models with Mini 14 Programallows you to wash approximately 2kg lightly soiled laundry at 30 degrees within just 14 minutes.

  • If you often need to wash delicate and sensitive laundry, you may choose the models with Fashion 40 Program.Thus, you can safely wash your delicate clothes made of velvet, viscose and artificial silk as well as printed t-shirts and blouses.

  • Considering their budget, consumers who need high capacity should pay attention to energy saving. If you want to save energy, you may choose the models with Dynamic Resistance, which consumes less energy and prolongs your machine"s service life.

  • If you want to easily wash your big piece of laundry, you may choose the models with Bedding Cycle that are capable of washing bulky items like quilts and bedcovering.

  • If you cannot spend long hours at home, you may choose the models with Cycle Timer that starts washing at the hour you programmed.

  • If you want to wash your sensitive net curtains without worrying about the result; the washing machines with Curtain Program featuring a final spin for net curtains are just for you.

  • If you want less creased laundry, you may choose the models with Easy Iron Function.