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Dryer Buying Guide MY

When Buying Dryer..

  • Dryers make your life easier, you can save lots of time by getting your laundry dried up fast. It might be a waste of time to let your laundry get dry naturally. Also, drying time varies with different seasons. Whereas laundry gets dry more quickly in summer months, you need more time during winter. In addition, if you are hanging your laundry in the balcony; exhaust smoke and air pollution throughout the winter causes your clothes to get dirty even before drying up. When you hang them indoors, it creates an untidy look at home. Hanging laundry on racks or chairs in the room also drops the ambient temperature of your home. Also this forms humidity in the area. Using a dryer at home, you may save time, protect your health and keep your home tidy.

  • If you have limited time, you may choose the models with Shirt 15 min and Mini 35 programs. With Shirt 15 min program, 2 shirts might be ready for ironing within 15 minutes.

  • Being frequently washed and dried, the shirts tend to crease, shrink and wear out due to their non-elastic texture. Also, the white shirts are likely to yellow in high temperatures. Having the ability to dry up 6 shirts within 40 minutes, specially designed Shirt programensures drying your shirts without creasing, shrinking, wearing out and yellowing.

  • Wool Preparation Program is designed for your winter clothes such as sweaters, gloves and scarves that need to be purified from smells in fresh air after having been kept in the wardrobe for the whole summer.

  • If you want to remove smoking smell from your clothes, you may choose the models with Airing Program.

  • If you want to dry your laundry in the most delicate way, you may choose the models with Smart Humidity Sensor System. Thanks to this feature, your dryer automatically calculates and sets drying time that fits the type of your laundry as well as intended dryness degree.

  • If you want to get your laundry less creased, you may choose the models with Easy Iron Function.

  • If you cannot spend long hours at home, you may choose the models with Timer Program that starts washing at the hour you programmed.