Dil İkonları

Smart Solutions of Beko Built-in Products that Ease Your Lives

Beko Dishwashers with A energy, A washing and A drying performances offer the highest washing and drying performances by consuming minimum energy.

Tablet detergents are practical; however, from time to time they may create disadvantages such as insufficient drying or undissolved detergent remnants. The tablet detergent button on Beko dishwashers eliminate such disadvantages and provide maximum performance.

Even if you use a short program with extra drying feature, it makes perfect drying on your dishes without any rings, drops or lines.

Even if you use a short program with extra drying feature, it makes perfect drying on your dishes without any rings, drops or lines.

The active fan drying system increases the air circulation in the dishwasher to offer a perfect drying. It ensures normal temperature after the program is finished to avoid burning your hands.

Hygiene and freshness

Time Management

You can postpone your washing time 3, 6 or 9 hours (up to 24 hours in digital models).

The Quick&Clean which is a unique program of Beko guarantees A class washing performance not only on lightly soiled ones, but also on soiled saucepans and dishes. It allows you to clean your dishes in a shorter time than washing by hand, only in 58 minutes with A class washing performance.

The Super Mini 20', which is another unique program of Beko, washes half load in 20 minutes.

The Quick 30' program which is ideal for light meals and glasses washes full load in 30 minutes at 35 °C saving time and energy.


Super Energy Saving 20% less energy even than A Class

All Beko ovens have A energy class. A energy class provides 12% energy saving compared to B class and 28% energy saving than C class in turbo/multifunction cooking. Beko ovens consume 20% less energy compared to A energy class standards during fan heating. They create solutions sensitive to both the environment and also to your family budget.

Wide Inner Capacity

No matter how crowded your family is or your guests are, Beko built-in ovens enable to cook more amounts with their much more wider inner capacity. Despite their standard outer surface dimensions, multifunction ovens have one of the largest cooking volumes with 65 l of inner capacity.

Time Saving: Fast Pre-Heating with Auto Jet Heating (Booster)

Thanks to Booster feature, all heaters start to operate to provide the required temperature for cooking in a short time. And this saves time for pre-heating by 35 percent.

Oleophobic Nano Technology (Excellent Clean):

Removing the oil stains that built up on the oven door in time is a boring work. Thanks to the oleophobic nano coating technology, Beko built-in ovens save consumers from wiping out stubborn sediments. As the expensive stain removers are no more needed, consumers are saving time and money as they spend less time and energy for this work.

Dynamic Flow Cooking Technology:

In the Dynamic Flow system, apart from the upper, lower and rear heating elements, hot air comes out of the holes on the side walls and circulates over the foods to be cooked and under the trays. It is absorbed by the holes on the rear wall. Thus, every part of the foods is cooked equally and perfectly.

3 Dimensional Cooking

3D cooking is a new generation in professional cooking technology allowing to operate all heaters of the oven simultaneously. 3D cooking ensures equal heat distribution in oven by means of operating lower, upper and turbo heaters concurrently. In this way, you can cook 3 different dishes at one time without the risk of mixing aromas.

Aspirators and Hoods

Let the odor from cooking meals not spread in your house.

The easy-to-use touch-button control unit shows the power level.

Air refreshing feature operates your hood automatically every hour for 10 minutes in the lowest level to enable continuous fresh air flow in the kitchen. Your hood which works efficiently and silently by consuming the least energy thanks to the automatic air refreshing feature is also effective in removing the odor of cigarette smoking.

Intensive ventilation with timing maximizes the power of your hood. Intensive ventilation for 10 minutes is particularly ideal for removing heavy smell and steam when you prepare fried or grilled food.

With a simple touch, you can program your hood to turn off automatically after 15 or 30 minutes depending on different models. While this function removes all odors remained in your kitchen after completion of the cooking process, you do not have to be in the kitchen, even at home.

Filter fullness indicator flashes to show when you should clean cassette filters or replace carbon filters with new ones.

Cool Door

Thanks to the oven door consisting of 4 layers of glass, front door temperature remains below 70°C when the inner temperature is 500°C during Pyrolytic cleaning. Front glass temperature does not exceed 50°C during standard cooking. Cool door feature ensures a much safer usage.

Electrical Hobs

The smooth and scratch resistant glass surface not only smartens up your kitchen, but it also facilitates cleaning.

The touch controlled Vitro ceramic hob is designed with improved safety features.

Beko Vitroceramic hobs offer you to opt according to your saucepan's size thanks to their single or double ring or oval cooking zones. Thus, they allow you to select the temperature ideal for your dish and consume only the required amount of energy.

Gas Hobs

The smooth and scratch resistant glass surface not only smartens up your kitchen, but it also facilitates cleaning. If the flame goes off because of wind or liquid overflowing from the saucepan, the gas safety system is activated and cuts the gas flow automatically for your safety.

Microwave Ovens

Beko microwave ovens with their advanced equipment containing many different functions and an inner volume varying between 20 to 30 liters offer practical cooking solutions. Microwave oven series are equipped with advanced cooking techniques such as quick start, auto thawing by weight, automatic cooking menu and low/high grill.