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Neo Plasma Air Purifying System™

The Neo Plasma in LG-Beko air conditioners breaks down even the invisible particles by the magnetic field it creates on the air cleaning kit and cleans the ambient air. When Neo Plasma is activated, the electric current passing over the kit is effective against all particles with 0.1 micron size. With the Neo Plasma technology, the tiniest dust, odor, mould, pollen, smoke particles and bacteria are removed from the ambient air. By pressing the Plasma button on the remote control, only air refreshment can be performed without heating-cooling. Thus, the air conditioner can be used as an air cleaner device without performing heating or cooling.
Being different from normal air conditioner filters, the built-in Neo Plasma system which runs on electric current is an additional air cleaning device. It does not have to be replaced continuously like normal filters. While cleaning the ambient air, power consumption of the Neo Plasma is very low.

A Energy Performance

EER: Energy efficiency ratio shows the amount of heat transfer in return of the air conditioner's electricity consumption. According to European Union norms, the air conditioners, which are capable of transferring more than 3.2 Watt (10.92 Btu/h) heat in return of 1 Watt electricity consumption, are included in A energy performance. For an air conditioner operating in heating mode, this value is 3.6 Watts (12.28 Btu/h). A energy class LG-Beko air conditioners consume less energy than air conditioners operating under equivalent conditions with lower efficiency performance despite the same capacity.

Invertech (DC Inverter Technology)
Energy Saving

The LG-Beko Inverter air conditioners offer the opportunity to control the compressor speed according to cooling/heating requirement for the ambient. When the desired ambient temperatures are reached, compressor rate is lowered to maintain the desired comfort conditions.

Inverter air conditioners are environmentally-conscious thanks to the R410A gas utilized.

Standard air conditioners operate and stop their compressors at certain intervals to attain the desired ambient temperature. Too much energy is lost during these startups and stops. Inverter air conditioners, instead of starting up and stopping the compressor, increase or decrease the compressor speed according to the requirement to prevent energy losses. Thus, 44% more energy is saved compared to standard air conditioners.

Strong Heating Performance


LG-Beko Inverter air conditioners provide heating performance sustainable even under -15 degrees. Thanks to wide operation range, air conditioner can sustain its heating performance even at very low temperatures.

Increased comfort, extra silence
Perfect comfort with low noise level

LG-Beko Inverter air conditioners reach the desired ambient temperature in a shorter time and they keep this constant. Thus, comfort is provided uninterruptedly.

They have wide operation ranges. Thus, initially compressor works more to reach desired environment temperature. Then, by adjusting the compressor rate as needed, it stabilizes the ambient temperature.

Furthermore, with 26 dBA indoor unit noise level, LG-Beko Inverter air conditioners are much more silent compared to normal air conditioners.

Smart Operation System

Air conditioner detects the temperature changes in the environment with its smart operation system and automatically switches between heating and cooling modes according to the change. Thus, temperature value of the environment is stabilized at the set value.

Jet Cool™
that cools in 30 minutes Jet Cool™

This feature which is designed to cool the environment efficiently in a short time functions with one button on the remote control. If Jet Cool™ feature is selected, it runs for 30 minutes at 18 C without any need to set the running time, ambient temperature and fan speed.

Jet Heat™

Thanks to this feature, air conditioner runs for 60 minutes at 30 degrees set temperature and in the highest fan speed mode. Note: Temperature of the air which the air conditioner will blow into the environment may vary depending on the indoor/outdoor weather conditions and the capacity of the air conditioner.

Sleep Mode

Body temperature falls during sleep. Therefore, the air conditioner will increase the set temperature 1 degree after 30 minutes and 2 degrees at the end of 60 minutes in the sleep mode. Thus, a comfortable sleep is provided without feeling cold.

Gold Fin™
Against rusting “Gold Fin™”

Aluminum condenser surfaces on the outdoor units are coated with "Gold Fin™” layer. Thus, the performance of the air conditioner is maintained for a longer time and also the corrosion that may occur on the outdoor condenser surfaces is eliminated.

Chaos Swing feature and homogenous air distribution

In the Chaos Swing mode, fan speed switches between high and low speed options automatically.

Healthy Dehumidifying

It is possible to perform healthy dehumidifying with the special dehumidifying mode without cooling the ambient temperature too much. Thus, in cases when the weather is not hot, but the humidity is at disturbing levels, environment can be dehumidified without feeling cold.

Bio Active Carbon Filter

Various particles polluting the ambient air are removed by the bio active carbon filter.

Washable Antibacterial Air Filter

It holds various particles in the air such as dust and pollens.

Fan Mode

Activates only the indoor unit fan of the air conditioner without heating or cooling. Thus, circulation of the ambient air can be ensured.

Power Saving Mode

In the power saving mode, the temperature and fan speed mode required for a healthy environment is automatically set by the air conditioner and energy is saved. In this function, the air conditioner will automatically start operating in heating mode if the room is cold, and in the cooling mode if the room is hot.
Note: In the power saving mode, air conditioner will not switch automatically between heating and cooling modes.

Automatic Temperature Control

Air conditioner will continuously measure the room temperature during operation to ensure maintaining the desired temperature value.

Automatic Air Direction (Up/Down)

It distributes the air evenly in up and down directions. If desired, the air blowing angle may be directed to left or right manually.

Automatic Air Direction (4 directions)

Distributes the air evenly in up/down and left/right directions. It increases feeling of comfort in the places it is used. It also allows the user to make all air directing adjustments on the remote control.

Remote Control

All applications on LG-Beko air conditioners are made by the remote control. Applications such as desired operation mode, additional functions, Neo Plasma™ air refreshing system can comfortably be controlled by the remote control.

24-Hour Multiprogramming

Air conditioner can be programmed to turn on and off at various times within 24 hours. Being different from the conventional air conditioners, it is programmed 2 times: one for turning on and one for turning off. Thus, it can be programmed to turn off when not needed to save energy or it can be programmed to turn on before arriving at home to enjoy the comfort of a pleasant environment.

Digital Display

Operations of the air conditioner such as operation mode, set temperature or programming can be followed from the digital display on the indoor unit.

Silent Operation

LG-Beko air conditioners are very silent thanks to their new indoor unit fan and air flow designs. To enjoy a calm, comfortable and peaceful environment...